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1. What does the Department of Justice do on complaints received against Judges of the Supreme Court of India and the High Courts?

The complaints received by this Department are forwarded in originalto the Supreme Court and concerned High Courts for appropriate action.These complaints are being handled by them  as  per  the  'in  house  mechanism'.As  per  this  mechanism  the  Chief  Justice  of  India  is competent to receivecomplaints against the conduct of Judges of the Supreme Court and Chief Justices ofHigh Courts. Similarly the complaints against Judges of the High Courts arebeing looked into by the Chief Justice of the concerned High Courts. TheCentral Government do not maintain records of such complaints or the actiontaken thereof.

2. How the High Court Bench (s) are established?

In accordance with the recommendations made by the Jaswant Singh Commission and judgment pronounced by the Apex Court in W.P.(C)  No.  379  of  2000,  Bench(es)  of  the  High Court    are    established    after    due  consideration  of  a  complete  proposal  from  the  State Government, which is to provide infrastructure and meet the expenditure, along with the consent of the Chief Justice of the concerned High Court, which is required to look after the day to day administration of the High Court and its Bench. The proposal should also have the consent of the Governor of the concerned State Government.