Advisory Council

    Last updated: 11-08-2021

    Composition of the Advisory Council of National Mission (as on 19.02.2019)


    Union Minister of Law and Justice


    • Minister of State in the Ministry of Home Affairs
    • Chairperson of the Department-related Parliamentary Standing Committee on Personnel, Public Grievance, Law and Justice;
    • Minister of Law & Courts, Andhra Pradesh;
    • Minister of Law, Legislative Affairs, Madhya Pradesh;
    • Attorney General of India;
    • Chairperson, Law Commission of India;
    • Secretary, Department of Legal Affairs;
    • Secretary, Legislative Department;
    • Solicitor General of India;
    • Secretary General, Supreme Court of India;
    • Director, National Judicial Academy;
    • Chairman, Bar Council of India;


    • Secretary, Department of Justice