Brief on Family Court Scheme


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    Family Courts

    The Family Courts Act, 1984 provides for establishment of Family Courts by
    the State Governments in consultation with the High Courts with a view to promote
    conciliation and secure speedy settlement of disputes relating to marriage and family
    affairs and family affairs and fir matters connected therewith. Under Section 3 (1)(a) of
    the Family Courts Act, it is mandatory for the State Government to set up a Family
    Court for every area in the State comprising a city or a town whose population exceeds
    one million. In other areas of the States, the Family Courts may be set up if the State
    Governments deems it necessary.

    2. The main objectives and reasons for setting up of Family Courts are:

    1. To create a Specialized Court which will exclusively deal with family matters so that such a court may have the necessary expertise to
      deal with these
      cases expeditiously. Thus expertise and expedition are two main factors for establishing such a court;
    2. To institute a mechanism for conciliation of the disputes relating to
    3. To provide an inexpensive remedy; and
    4. To have flexibility and an informal atmosphere in the conduct of

    3. In March, 2015, it was decided to coverage the Family Court Scheme (Plan)
    with the Centrally Sponsored Scheme for infrastructure facilities for Subordinate
    Judiciary. The Family Court (Non-Plan) Scheme under which Rs.2269.43 lakh was
    given to States as requested for the same, has been discontinued from 2016-17 as this
    is the responsibility of the State concerned. The States have been informed vide letter
    number 11021/4/2015-Jus-11dated 12.11.2015. The amount is in fraction due to
    adjustment of unspent balance of previous year release. There was provision of
    release of Rs.5.00 lakh per court under this scheme.

    4. As per the reports received from the State Governments, 535 Family Courts
    are functional in the country as on 31st December, 2018.


    S.No. Name of the State/UT Number of Family Courts
    functional in the State
    1 Andhra Pradesh 16
    2 Andaman & Nicobar Islands 01
    3 Arunachal Pradesh
    4 Assam 05
    5 Bihar 39
    6 Chandigarh 0
    7 Chhattisgarh 21
    8 Dadra and Nagar Haveli
    9 Daman & Diu
    10 Delhi 21
    11 Goa 0
    12 Gujarat 37
    13 Haryana 15
    14 Himachal Pradesh
    15 Jammu & Kashmir 01
    16 Jharkhand 24
    17 Karnataka 28
    18 Kerala 28
    19 Madhya Pradesh 58
    20 Maharashtra 16
    21 Manipur 07
    22 Meghalaya
    23 Mizoram
    24 Nagaland 02
    25 Odisha 21
    26 Punjab 05
    27 Puducherry 02
    28 Rajasthan 39
    29 Sikkim 04
    30 Tamil Nadu 29
    31 Telangana 16
    32 Tripura 04
    33 Uttar Pradesh 78
    34 Uttarakhand 16
    35 West Bengal 02
    Total 535