Final Report – Year 2019

    Last updated: 03-02-2022

    Tile of Content Published Date Download
    “Analysis of functioning of Legal Aid Cells in various law schools or university department…” by GGSI University, New Delhi 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 6MB)
     “Study of Court processes and Re-engineering Opportunities for Improving Court efficiencies for Justice…”. by IIM Kolkata 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 2MB)
    “An Analysis of the functioning of Lok Adalats in the Eastern Region of India …” by Odisha Judicial Academy 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 2MB)
    “Resolving pending cases through alternative Dispute Resolution under Section 89 of …”. by Gujarat National Law University 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 3MB)