eCourts Mission Mode Project

The eCourts Integrated Mission Mode Project is one of the national eGovernance projects being implemented in High Courts and district/subordinate Courts of the Country. The project has been conceptualized on the basis of the “National Policy and Action Plan for Implementation of Information and Communication Technology in the Indian Judiciary-2005” by the eCommittee of the Supreme Court of India. The eCommittee was formed in 2004 to draw up an action plan for the ICT enablement of the Judiciary with the Patron in Chief-cum-Adhoc Chairman as the Chief Justice of India.

The Government has approved the computerization of 14,249 district & subordinate Courts under the project by March 2014 with a total budget of Rs. 935 crore. An Empowered Committee has been constituted under the Chairpersonship of Secretary, Department of Justice, to give strategic direction & guidance to the project. The project is being implemented by National Informatics Centre (NIC). A project monitoring committee comprising of Department of Justice, representatives of eCommittee and NIC meets on a monthly basis to monitor the progress of the project. Steering Committee at each High Court oversee the implementation of the project in their respective High Court.

As on 31st January 2014, 13,227 district & subordinate have been computerized in the country. It is proposed to complete computerization of remaining Courts by 31st March, 2014. The basic infrastructure for ICT enablement consists of various modules such as setting up of LAN and Hardware, deployment of Case Information Software (CIS) application software, and establishment of WAN / broadband connectivity. The component wise status of progress is mentioned below:

  Target = 14,249 Courts

Project Module Status as on  31/01/2014 Percentage

Sites Ready 14,061                            99%

LAN PO issued 14,024                            98%

LAN Installed 13,092                            92%

HW PO issued 14,061                            99%

HW Installed 13,416                            94%

Software Deployed 13,227    93%

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