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As part of National eGovernance Plan, eCourts project begun in 2007 based on National Policy and Action Plan for Implementation of ICT in Indian judiciary.The Government of India implemented the e-Courts Mission Mode Project throughout the country for Information and Communication Technology enablement of district and subordinate courts.The Phase I of the eCourts project was approved with a cost of Rs.935 Crore out of which Rs. 639.41 crores was released.

The target of computerisation of 14,249 district and subordinate courts was achieved. Out of these, LAN was installed at 13,643 courts, thehardware was provided in 13,436 courts and software was installed in 13,672 courts.

Additionally, laptops were provided to 14,309 judicial officers and change management exercise completed in all High Courts. Over 14,000 Judicial Officers were trainedto the use of UBUNTU-Linux Operating System. More than 4000 court staff were trained in Case Information System (CIS) as System Administrators.

Video Conferencing facility was also operationalised between 488 court complexes & 342 corresponding jails. The Judicial Service Centres (JSC) were opened as Filing Counters. The eCourts Portal was made operational. Under the ambit of NJDG, the provision for pending case status as well as decided cases was included. The implementing agency for the eCourts Project Phase I was NIC.