Mission Mode Project

    PHASE I (2011-15)

    • As part of National eGovernance Plan, eCourts project began in 2007 based on National Policy and Action Plan for Implementation of ICT in Indian judiciary.
    • 14,249 District and Subordinate Courts computerized.
    • Total expenditure: 639.41 Crores
    • LAN connectivity provided in 13,686 courts
    • Laptop provided to 14309 Judicial officers
    • Centralised case information software installed in 13672 courts
    • Video Conferencing facility installed between 347 Jails and 493 Courts
    • Judicial Service Centres (JSC) opened as Filing Counters
    • e-Courts Portal made operational
    • 7.2 Cr. cases entered on Case Information Software 1.0
    • NJDG started: case status of pending / decided cases made available
    • NIC was made implementing agency for eCourts Mission Mode Project Phase I

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