Final Report – Year 2017

    Last updated: 03-02-2022

    Tile of Content Published Date Download
     “Strengthening Mediation in India – A Report on Court-Connected Mediations” by Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 8MB)
     “Development of Enforcement of Performance standards to enhance accountability of the…..” by Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 1MB)
    “Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) Mechanism and Legal……..” by West Bengal NUJS, Kolkata 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 4MB)
     “Designing the Continuing Legal Education System in India for Advocates” by IIT Kharagpur 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 3MB)
    “Report on Dissemination Conference on Clinical Legal Education in India conducted by Human Rights ..” by NLU Bengaluru 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 6MB)
     “Performance Indicators for Subordinate Courts and Suggestive Policy or Procedural Changes for ….” by IIM Kashipur, Uttrakhand 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 7MB)
     “A Study on Court Management Techniques for improving the efficiency of subordinate courts” by NALSAR University of Law 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 4MB)
    “Study of Courts in the State of Sikkim on major bottlenecks in service of summons under Order…..” by Sikkim Judicial Academy 03/02/2022 Download (PDF 1MB)