Request For Proposal (RFP) – Publication of advertisement for the engagement of agencies for Pan India Legal Literacy and Legal Awareness Programme, Last date of submission of Proposal through email – 31st August 2021 by 04.00 PM

    Department has formulated a scheme on Access to Justice named “Designing Innovative Solutions and Holistic Approaches on Access to Justice (DISHA)” for the Year 2021-2026. DISHA aims to merge different Access to Justice programmes including Pan India Legal Literacy and Legal Awareness Programme. The focus of this programme is to devise tools and methodology enabling the marginalized sections of society to key information and awareness on legal rights, entitlement and Access to Justice issues.

    Request for Proposal (RFP) for engagement of 9 agencies for Pan India Legal Literacy and Legal Awareness Programme under DISHA, are invited from Agencies/Government/Corporations/PSUs/Institutions/NGOs having proven experience and expertise on related fields. Types of expected work are given below: –

    1. Innovative Legal Literacy & Legal Awareness Programme (State) – 6 agencies

    2. Digital Legal Literacy – Design, Development, Management, testing (National) – 1 agency

    3. Digital Legal Literacy – Dissemination, periodic assessment of impact (National) – 1 agency

    4. Monitoring and Evaluation (National) – 1 agency

    Last date of submission of proposal is 31st of August 2021 by 1600 hrs. For detailed information, please check the complete version of the RFP attached below.

    Download Attachment:RFP-Legal Literacy and Legal Awareness- DISHA-2021.pdf