Pending Assurances

    Status of pending Assurances in respect of the following Rajya Sabha Questions
    Sl No. Question No. and date and name of MP Subject Section to  which it pertains Status
    1 Rajya  Sabha Unstarred Question No.2366 dated 23.03.2005 by Shri K.B.Krishna Murthy Family Court in Chandigarh Justice I Pending
    2 Rajya Sabha Unstarred Question No.2198 dated 16.12.2021 by Ms. Sushmita Dev. Fast Track Special Courts for Rape and POCSO cases Justice-II Pending
    3 Rajya Sabha Unstarred Question No.3449 dated 25.3.2021 by Shri Prabhakar Reddy Vemireddy Recruitment of Judges Appointment Division Pending