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The Supreme Court of India in its Order dated the 01st November, 2017 had directed the Union Government to prepare a scheme for setting up of Courts exclusively to deal with criminal cases involving political persons on the lines of Fast Track Courts (FTCs) which were set up by the Central Government for a period of five years and extended further, which Scheme has now been discontinued.  A Scheme for setting up Special Courts to dispose of all the criminal cases involving political persons in a period of one year was submitted before the Supreme Court for implementation.  The Supreme Court of India vide its Order dated 14.12.2017 has directed the Union Government to proportionately allocate the amount to be incurred to the different states in which the proposed Special Courts are planned to be located forthwith and thereafter the State Governments will make necessary arrangements of judicial officers, staff and infrastructure in consultation with the High Courts to ensure that the said Courts start functioning from 01.03.2018.  Accordingly, 12 Special Courts  (02 in NCT of Delhi and 01 each in the state of UP, Bihar, WB, MP, Maharashtra, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh,Telangana, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) were constituted. 10 Special Courts (except special court of Bihar and Kerala) are presently functional.

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