Designing Innovative Solutions for Holistic Access to Justice (DISHA)

    About DISHA

    Department of Justice(DoJ), Ministry of Law and Justice has curated a unified Pan India Scheme – “Designing Innovative Solutions on Holistic Access to Justice India” (DISHA) that endeavours to address the legal needs of the people situated within particular social legal context and to empower them with knowledge of their rights, entitlements and different redressal mechanism.

    The Scheme of DISHA aims to provide comprehensive and integrated solution on Access to Justice. It is guide on citizen-centric solutions of “justice delivery” embedded with technology and definite capsule on Information, Education and Communication (IEC). In addition it consolidates and merges Access to Justice programmes (Tele-Law/ Nyaya Bandhu/Nyaya Mitra / Legal Literacy & Awareness) and provides for upscaling of access to justice at national Level. The Scheme of DISHA has financial outlay of Rs 250 Crore for five year period (2021-2026).

    Key Objectives

    I. To provide quality Legal aid to the Marginalized through Tele-Law, Pro Bono and Nyaya Mitra programme.

    Department of Justice has provided for an online e –interface digital platform i.e Tele-Law for Pre litigation legal advice and consultation through Common Service Centers (CSCs) at the village level. ( . The objective is to cover 2.5 + Lakh Gram Panchayats through CSCs with an aim to address approximately 90 lakh + beneficiaries legal needs through legal advice and consultation by 2026. To promote and advance the culture of Pro bono in the country Department of Justice has facilitated the creation of Panels on Pro Bono Advocates in various High Courts and has developed web and mobile based applications (available on Android, IoS and UMANG platforms) for a systemic database. DoJ has also initiated its Pro Bono Club Scheme to include law colleges in the country. It is proposed to register 20,000+ Pro Bono advocates registration under the programme by 2026. Nyaya Mitra aims to facilitate reduction of 10 year old pending cases in the District Courts, in order to reduce the burden of cases in courts and to make an effort for an amicable settlement of disputes. Under DISHA, 80 Nyaya Mitra will be engaged in the District Courts selected on the basis of pendency and in coordination with Judiciary.

    II. To raise Legal Awareness through Legal Literacy, Information, Education, Communication (IEC) & Technology

    In order to broad base the activities undertaken by DoJ specifically in North Eastern States and UT of J&K and Ladakh since 2012, the Legal Literacy and Legal Awareness programme has been redesigned. It includes components like use of technology, forging partnerships across Ministries and allied Departments, Institutions, Schools etc; facilitating capacity building and utilization of existing Grassroot/frontline workers/ volunteers; developing Indicators to measure legal literacy and legal awareness and to undertake concurrent evaluation and periodical assessment of its programmes. Through this concerted effort it is proposed to cover 55 Lakh + population across the country by 2026.