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Litigant Service

Access to justice is a fundamental element of a just, equitable and civilized society.  The vision of Access to Justice for all means that opportunities for securing justice are not denied to any citizen for reason of economic and other disability.  With this vision Department of Justice initiated a pro-bono legal services scheme to provide free legal assistance to the marginalized applicants/litigants.

An online application form has been created below where the litigants can register information about their case or grievance. The Department will then connect them to a pro- bono advocate registered with the Department who will provide them legal aid free of cost. The nature of legal assistance provided shall be legal advice, drafting of case related document(s), appearance in the court (all or either of the three) depending on the availability of the advocates.

It is to be noted that, this endeavor of Department of Justice is a step in the direction of strengthening legal aid and increasing access to justice to those who cannot afford it and in no way it guarantees a favorable decision in the court for the litigant/applicant.

Further, pro- bono legal assistance provided by the advocates is a voluntary service where the advocates willingly devote their time to provide legal aid to the poor and needy applicants. Once a litigant/applicant has been connected to a preferable pro- bono advocate by the Department, the Department is not responsible for the quality of legal aid provided or time committed by the advocate to the case of the litigant.

Both the litigant/applicant and the advocate are free to discontinue their association at any given point of time giving valid reasons for the same to the Department within 15 days.

We hope that the pro- bono legal services will be a significant step in enabling access to quality legal aid and assistance to the people.

Interested persons may apply for pro- bono legal aid through the online service

To apply for legal aid service CLICK HERE. 


  • For registration related queries kindly contact:
  • Phone: 011-23074401, 23072145
  • Email:  js[dot]probono-doj[at]gov[dot]in
  • For Technical Query/Assistance:
  • Phone: 011-23074401