Undertrial Programme
The Mission Mode Programme for “Delivery of Justice & Legal Reforms – Undertrial Programme” was launched by Ministry of Law & Justice on 26th January, 2010 to reduce 2/3rd of the undertrial cases and to ease congestion in jails by 31st July, 2010. The Mission Mode Programme sought to work with State Governments in identifying the undertrial prisoners who are entitled to be released under the law and link them with Legal Service Authority with a view to ensure their release.The Department of Justice is collecting the data every quarter from the States through a nodal officer appointed by States for compiling the information from different sources like Home Department, Jail Superintendent and High Courts etc. The prescribed format is enclosed at Annexure-I. Around 70% of the jail population comprises of undertrial and only 30% are people actually convicted and imprisoned. Roughly about two lakh inmates have been in jail for several years, essentially, because of delays in the justice delivery system. Since undertrial prisoners are generally illiterate - totally unaware of their rights, the charges they face, unable to access the documents relating to the case and unaware of bail order or terms and conditions, strong legal aid to project their rights is required.There has been very good response from the States in the release and disposal of cases. In all, around five lakh undertrial prisoners have been released since the Mission Mode Programme was launched.
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